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About Us

We opened our doors on a chilly winter December afternoon in 2011 on 17 Miller Road, where so many of you may have visited and loved. 

With over a decade of sharing special moments & creating beautiful relationships with you all on Miller Road, we had an opportunity to share with you all something that is really special to us - our first home.

We are so delighted that this new chapter of Lychees-Ayr comes full circle by moving down town into 41 S Harbour Street where our owner first began his hospitality legacy with the opening of The Royal Blossom in the 90s - home.

We are bringing a revitalised & reloved look to our new but old home; swinging modern decor & traditional trims with the same, oustanding quality food & service.

To all of our extended Lychees' family, customers & wider community in the heart of Ayrshire and beyond, we extend the warmest of welcome for you to join us back to where it all began but with the Lychees' twist.

Opening Times

Monday                                                        Closed

Tuesday                                                       Closed

Wednesday                   12pm - 2pm, 5pm - 10pm

Thursday                       12pm - 2pm, 5pm - 10pm
Friday                                                 12pm - 10pm
Saturday                                            12pm - 10pm
Sunday                                           2:30pm - 10pm